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Writer, Editor, Musician 

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The Latest in the Performing Arts:

I'm a proud company member of Pumpkin Theatre and we're gearing up for our 50th Season of enchanting main stage plays for children. Along with fellow company member, Jason Tinney, we're in the process of writing our second play for Pumpkin Theatre. Stay tuned for details on this production in 2017! In the meantime, see what you missed if you didn't catch our first Pumpkin production, Girl With Diamonds In Her Eyes:

The Award-winning Fifty Miles Away receives its second full production with the Potomac Playmakers for their 90th Anniversary Season. And the playwrights, myself and Jason Tinney, perform the lead roles! A film version is in the works for 2017!

Fifty Miles Away Soundtrack Available

Girl With Diamonds in Her Eyes: A Children's Western, a play with music that I co-wrote with Limestone Connection collaborator, Jason Tinney, ran on Pumpkin Theatre's main stage Spring 2016. Missed out? Support Pumpkin Theatre's traveling shows to bring original plays like Girl With Diamonds In Her Eyes to schools and audiences near you!

                        Essays On Writing:

My essays on writers and the craft of writing are available on The Baltimore Review's Blog:

On the interplay between language and music in Instrumental Notes from Writers in Bands.

On Amy Herzog's play, 4000 Miles, a script writers can fall in love with, not to mention the actors in, 4000 Miles Connects With A Baltimore Audience  

"I had the pleasure of sitting down for a cup of coffee with Jason at Common Ground in Hampden. Madonna's pop hits were streaming through the satellite radio, but when Jason arrived the music switched, as if on cue, to the roadhouse music of The Highwaymen and Hank Williams."

"The tongue is a playful, waggish character we can imagine packs a bag and taptaptaps on his companion’s door to start their vacation." 
      On Nabokov's Lolita in, How To Read a Taboo Sentence Like a Grown-Up. 

"Exit Laughing’s book jacket was yellowed and crumbling. The Humorous Stories collection lacked a jacket cover and corners of its brittle pages. Delicate as they were, they were pieces of my heritage."
      On Irvin Cobb and how Paducah meets Baltimore in,   Stumbling Across Paducah's Familiar Face.

Welcome to My Portfolio of Professional Publications and Performances

From Baltimore STYLE
I’m a nomad. I don’t follow maps or signs, other than the  sign I was born under: Sagittarius, the adventurer. Hey, the shoe fits, be it hiking boot or cleated bike shoes: I’m a curious traveler who loves peregrination and reflection on the open road or trail. My favorite way to discover a place is on foot. I’ve hiked and biked across large portions of the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Slovenia, Turkey, Vietnam and other countries. But for all my roaming, I still enjoy coming home to Baltimore and the luxury of stepping out my front door any given day and having the escape into nature—and culture—at my feet.

Continue reading "Trail Gazer" and STYLE Magazine

From Wanderlust and Lipstick
Covered in mud is no spa treatment on this vacation--cycling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City--but the journey spins in rewarding directions in "What A Gal Needs To Know Before Biking from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City"

 From Matador Network
On what a high-ranking Buddhist monk and an ordinary fish taught me about happiness in "Life Lessons from a Buddhist Monk and a Fish"

 Photo and overlay by Holly Morse-Ellington for Matador Network

From Baltimore Fishbowl
My parents' divorce has been a long road for me. Maybe it's not my road to travel. But that's the thing about family. No matter how carsick their problems make you, you're stuck in the backseat. Hands tugging at the child safety locks activated on the doors. Head hanging out the window and panting, "Are we there yet?" Continue reading "Over the Threshold"

"What The Mechanic's Wife Salvaged," my nonfiction essay about the Thanksgiving weekend of my Cherokee grandfather's death colliding with my head-on collision with a buffalo is now available in the 2016 issue of the Broad River ReviewOrder your copy now, but while you wait on the mail, please check out the video of the 1-minute version of the essay performed at Light City Baltimore 2016 with Jason Tinney on readings and harmonica and Red Sammy Band on musical pairing.

"What The Mechanic's Wife Salvaged" Live at the inaugural Light City Baltimore 2016

In The News

Limestone Connection collaboration of playwrights and musicians, Holly Morse-Ellington and Jason Tinney, featured in The Frederick News-Post 

Holly, Neat photo by Jennifer Domenick