Holly Morse-Ellington
Writer, Editor, Musician 

Photo by Skye Sadowski-Malcom

"What The Mechanic's Wife Salvaged," my nonfiction essay about the Thanksgiving weekend of my Cherokee grandfather's death colliding with my head-on collision with a buffalo is now available in the 2016 issue of the Broad River ReviewOrder your copy now, but while you wait on the mail, please check out the video of the 1-minute version of the essay performed at Light City Baltimore 2016 with Jason Tinney on readings and harmonica and Red Sammy Band on musical pairing.

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From Baltimore STYLE
I’m a nomad. I don’t follow maps or signs, other than the  sign I was born under: Sagittarius, the adventurer. Hey, the shoe fits, be it hiking boot or cleated bike shoes: I’m a curious traveler who loves peregrination and reflection on the open road or trail. My favorite way to discover a place is on foot. I’ve hiked and biked across large portions of the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Slovenia, Turkey, Vietnam and other countries. But for all my roaming, I still enjoy coming home to Baltimore and the luxury of stepping out my front door any given day and having the escape into nature—and culture—at my feet.

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From Wanderlust and Lipstick
Covered in mud is no spa treatment on this vacation--cycling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City--but the journey spins in rewarding directions in "What A Gal Needs To Know Before Biking from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City"

"What The Mechanic's Wife Salvaged" Live at the inaugural Light City Baltimore 2016

Holly, Neat photo by Jennifer Domenick